Did you know we can colour-match?

Updated: Mar 5

Yes that's right - we can colour match your vintage map wallpaper background to the colour of your branding or to the colours already used in the room. Amazing isn't it! As far as I know Squark Interiors are the only company that offer this service.

Purple colour sample square
Colour sent for the background to the map

How do we do it?

Just send us a colour sample, the CMYK preference of your branding, or tell us the colour of paint you are using in your room and we can make that the base colour of the wallpaper and then overlay the vintage (pre 1965) street map over the top using a shade or tone to complement it.

Where can I use it?

A lot of people we have worked for like to use it in eating or seated areas such as receptions or meeting rooms. They are create a very calming and realxed atmosphere.

What can I have it printed on?

We can print your artwork on vinyl textured or vinyl laminate wallpaper, paper or textured paper wallpaper and as canvas or framed print wall art. We can also do it on a marketing materials such as banners.

What if I am not happy?

With all the will in the world, sometime print can not create an exact match. We will try our hardest and match it as close as we can to the sample provided by yourself. We will supply a sample square to check before we print the whole wall.

This is a great idea - how can I order it?

We need the following information to process you a quote or order:

1. The dimensions of your wall (height and length). Pictures are also a great help.

2. The colour sample you wish us to work with.

3. The type of wallpaper you would like (paper or vinyl).

4. Whether you would like your own tradespeople or us to apply your wallpaper.

Email us this information to: info@squarkinteriors.co.uk


If you don't have your own tadespeople to apply your wallpaper, we work with highly experienced decorators over the country that can come and do it for you, even if you have multiple locations.

Further information

If you would like any further information on our colour-match wallpapers, which wallpaper to use for your environment, or any of the Squark Interiors products, please do not hesitate to contact us directly on 01476 385051 or email us: info@squarkinteriors.co.uk.

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