10 DIY Decoration Ideas to Transform Your Space

Updated: Mar 5

1. Wallpaper

If you want to completely change the look of any room, you have two options – paint or wallpaper. To renovate your room try some of this years bold colourful and prints. in a busy room of the house? Choose a pre-glued vinyl wallpaper so that you can clean it and it is so easy to put up. There are so many wallpapers and styles to choose from, so there will definitely be something to suit your style. Looking for something bespoke, custom made and to make you stand out? Squark Interiors can certainly help you out with that.

2. Wallpaper, Borders & Wall Decals

Putting up wallpaper can bring patterns and add multiple colours to your wall that a typical paint job can't accomplish. Borders, which are like wallpaper but on a smaller scale, can add a nice touch to a kitchen or bring cheer and a theme to a nursery. Wall decals/stickers are images, letters or words that you stick onto your wall for an instant new room look. You can buy wall vinyls from a lot of different sources varying in price. Squark Interiors would be happy to guide you on your wall decal/sticker project.

3. Wall murals

You could could hang a gallery wall or try to find large pieces of wall art to fill the space behind your sofa or TV, but a giant wall mural like this vintage map wall mural from Squark Interiors adds drama, impact and beautiful focal point to any wall.

4. Paintings and canvasses

Paintings and canvas art are available in so many varieties that it suits just about every style. From framed black and white prints to colourful textured canvases, paintings and canvas art can enliven any wall.

5. Mirrors & Clocks

Two lovely examples of decorative items to be hung on wall are mirrors and clocks. Mirrors help you know you're looking good before you leave your home, and they can also serve to make a space look and feel bigger. A quick glance at a beautifully designed wall clock can tell you if you're running on time.

Image by @tapestries123

6. Tapestries and Other Textile Art

Tapestries can add a touch of class to a space. They are harder to come by than other types of wall hangings, and so they're often not even considered, but a well-placed tapestry or even a rug can add warmth and variety to an rooms decor. Take a look at tapestries123 on Instagram for some inspiration.

7. Shelving

You can add shelving to your walls to store and display a range of personal items (ideas below). Shelves come in a variety of sizes and styles to match your rooms decor. If you hang the shelves yourself you cab line them up or place them in different ways to add a focal point to the room.

8. Family Photos and Other Personal Items

You might have tons of images on your computer or smartphone, but displaying your best photos on the walls of your home keeps friends and family close. They serve as a happy reminder of your favourite people, holidays, weddings, events and more.

Image and macrame by macrame.emma

9. Macramé

Macramé, one of the most classic crafts has returned with a vengeance and I personally think this is due to Angel on Escape to the Chateau creating her wonderful wall hangings. If you don’t know how to do it, you can find many tutorials on the internet. Two Instagram profiles that should help you get started are macrame.emma and macramemakers.

10. Functional/Other Items

Functional wall decor include decorative coat racks, blackboards, wall-mounted televisions, and accent lighting. Also consider displaying family heirlooms or pieces that have sentimental value or unique meaning to you.

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