How would you like to promote your business without saying a word? To have the ability to strengthen your brand on every conversation? Strengthen your brand values? Online meetings have been integral to keeping our businesses going over the last few months, and will be here to stay once we return to work. As you can not give a business card over virtual meetings, using a custom designed digital backdrop to promote your business along with any key messages is an obvious solution.


I will create you a backdrop to ensure your company is remembered.



Your private space is just that - private. Do you want people seeing inside your, or your staffs private space? Keep you and your staff safe with this background protection. It also hides any unprofessional looking spaces.


Strengthen Brand or Core Values

Put your brand or core values on your backdrop and let your viewers know what you stand for and why. People buy from people and if they know why you do what you do then that's a great way to start.


Key messages

Get across those key messages with your logo pride of place. Simple, easy and to the point.


Professional appearance

Ensure everyone is sending the correct messages about your business throughout the video call no matter where they are in the world.


And do all this without saying a word!


You can also share the one backdrop file with the rest of your staff to ensure you are all communicating the same message.


Ideal for...

...all online meetings


How does it work?

- Order the product

- I will contact you to talk through your requirements, systems you use (zoom, Teams etc) branding guidelines and style.

- I will design up your backdrop and then send you a digital proof for you to approve.

- I will do any amendments erquired to get it right for you.

- Once approved I will send you your final digital file.

- I can also help you upload to so it is ready to use.


If you prefer to contact us to discuss your requirements please do not hesitate to do so. 


Files will be sent via email or WeTransfer unless otherwise specified.


We will keep a back up of your design should you need it again in the future.


IMPORTANT: Please be sure that your computer is able to run a digital background with, and without a greenscreen before purchasing. No refunds will be given if your computer is unable to run the custom designed background.



Custom Designed Company Digital Backdrop


    We will supply a digital file for your specified online system that you use.